Monday, January 5, 2009

Expenses and what I spend every month!!!

I had a mild heart attack over the holidays. In an effort to fully prepare myself for reading and working Dave's book, I took a very close look at what I spent last year. And then I promptly had another bottle of wine to kill the pain. I do not consider myself a budget queen nor do I consider myself a heavy spender. Although the numbers said otherwise. I was shocked at how much I spent in entertainment, household groceries, eating out and clothes. This company called Kroger received a nice funding from me last year. What may surprise many of you, my clothing amount was the least amount. Now, on a high note, I did make a really nice dent in my student loans and contributed to my Health Savings Account. But other than that, my spending year resembled the economy- in the tank. I was in need of another glass of wine and a strong economic bailout program!

I read a statistic over the weekend that the average household spends 13.1% per month on food. Now, I spent 13.7% on groceries and another 8-10% on eating out- Per MONTH. That brings my total "food" expenditure to over 20%!!! Yes, are you having a heart attack with me???

So, as we begin the new year, I am looking forward to working on my economic bailout plan.